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AS64761 purpose is to improve connectivity of the French amateur IP backbone. To achieve this objective, we maintain an open peering policy and are wishing to develop new interconnections with other Hamnet autonomous systems, seeking better latencies, and rekiability.

Since its allocation to Amateur Radio in the 1980's, Hamnet (also known as Internet network 44 – –, or the AMPRNet™) has been used by amateur radio operators to conduct scientific research, and to experiment with digital communications over radio. For more about Hamnet, visit AMPR, or the AMPRNet Wiki.

Amateur Radio is an entirely volunteer activity performed by technically knowledgeable hobbyists who have proven their ability by passing government examinations (e.g. in France, exams are set by the Autorité Nationale des FRéquences). No remuneration is permitted. Ham radio, as it is known, gives opportunities to perform experiments and study the various subjects tightly (RF propagation, antennas, transceivers, transmission channel), or loosely (emergency/disaster response, tactical communications, public safety) tied to wireless communications. For more about ham radio, visit IARU, REF or any of the many national amateur radio organizations.

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